Encourage the emergence of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Conceived by Wecare GCM and Fixed Gear Capital, the Entrepreneurial Challenge in the Congo Basin aims to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage the emergence or the consolidation of small and medium-sized enterprises, which in turn will bring growth and jobs in

The six Congo Basin countries :

A business plan competition

The Entrepreneurial Challenge in the Congo Basin is an enterprise creation competition, based on the presentation of business plans. People from the Congo Basin countries, including those who live abroad, may be eligible through a call for proposals.

This concept has a dual interest :

It allows to quickly target and identify those who have projects

to implement the selected proposals, thereby strenghtening the entrepreneurial fabric of
the Congo Basin countries.

The Challenge Symposium

A symposium will take place in the host country. It will include a number of debates hosted by well-known speakers, on entrepreneurship and investment opportunities in the Congo Basin countries. It will conclude with the announcement of the winners who will be selected by a board of business professionals who will choose from a short list of the best candidates.

Profiles of the candidates


Start-ups launching innovative projects

Informal economy players wanting to enter the formal economy

Diaspora members, executives or business managers

Existing small and medium-sized businesses planning to conquer bigger markets or launch new products/services